Repairs / Set ups

For 2023: At this moment I can take only a few new appointments for setup and refrets per month, due to the waiting list and my building schedule for new guitars. This means only for regular customers and the seasoned guitarist if there is an open spot in the agenda.

If you still got some questions you can send me a message .

Craftsmanship, precision and the feel, are important factors when it comes to maintaining a guitar. As a guitar builder and a guitarist myself, I’ve got the experience and skills to help you with the best possible setup for your guitar. A good setup of your guitar will give you extra playing comfort, musicality and overall enjoyment of your instrument.

The past ten years I’ve setup and repaired thousands of guitars (almost every guitar in the book) with a portfolio of more than seven hundred happy frequently visiting clients and Collectors.

Guitar Setup 150,-
(estimated time 2 weeks/ work is 2 till 3 hours).

  • neck angle check/ rounding fret ends/ frets polish/ adjustment truss rod/ intonation/ filing nut height /adjustment pickups
  • Incl. certificate total specs, setup string height and neck relief.

Guitar Custom Shop treatment 300,-
(estimated time 2-3 weeks/ work is 6 hours).

  • level/crown/dress/set up/
  • Fret leveling and grand over all inspection hardware neck and body. Inspection/adjustment pickups and electronics.
  • Incl. certificate total specs, setup string height and neck relief.

Guitar Refret 525,-
(estimated time 6-8 weeks/ work is 8 till 10 hours incl. materials).

  • refret/ level/ dress/ setup incl custom shop treatment
  • Vintage collectable guitars (inquire)
  • Bone nut 75,- hand cut and polished.
  • Incl. certificate specs, setup string height and neck relief.

Setup including leveling the frets:

  • Frets: leveling
  • Frets: crowning
  • Frets: polishing
  • Neck adjustment (incl. the neck angle - if possible)
  • Bridge adjustment
  • Checking the functionality of all hardware parts
  • Intonation adjustment
  • String height - action adjustment
  • Neck cleaning and oiling the fretboard
  • Cutting the nut slot grooves

All frets are levelled by hand and each fret is crowned and rounded with a three corner file, the old school way. A method that also secures and protects the perfectly levelled fret tops. The frets have an ultra thin line where the strings touch the frets. Although this job will take longer to work on, you don’t want to rush on one of the most important parts of your guitar. The result is rewarding: superb play comfort, more sustain, clarity and better overall intonation.

Bone nut:

The 2 main points of contact on most guitars are the bridge and nut. Therefore a good bone nut is very important for your sound and for tuning stability. The advantage of a nut made from bone versus a plastic nut is, that a bone nut is made from a harder natural material which provides more resonance, tone, sustain and overall stability.


Replacing worn out frets or a total refret job on a fingerboard is what’s called refretting. This service includes adjustments and fret leveling according setup specs: old worn frets are being carefully removed and the neck prepared and provided with new frets.
I offer different fret heights / widths from Jescar fretwire according to your choice. The work on a Maple fingerboard or bounded fingerboard takes more time than on an unbound Rosewood fingerboard.

Nijssen Guitars is also a Taylor Factory Authorized Service Technician