How to order

To order a Nijssen Custom Guitar please contact me directly.
You can call or email to discuss your instrument options and pricing. Or ask about the availability of guitars in stock.

To get your instrument onto the building schedule you will receive a specification sheet by email and will be given a final quote for the price of the guitar (depending on your custom specs and hardware). After you filled out the sheet, a 1000,- euro deposit is asked and payed via Paypal or banktransfer. This deposit is to cover some of the initial expenses and materials and to be onto the building schedule and is non-refundable. Final payment plus cost of shipping will be due when when the guitar is completed. The prices that are on this website include 21% VAT within the EU. Shipping and insurance cost are the responsibility of the customer.

Let’s start building!

Theo Nijssen


The Riptide Raw (aged nitro finish, flat sawn maple neck) 4250,- euro incl. Case
The Riptide
(gloss finish, flamed maple neck)
5250,- euro incl. Case
The Atlantis (gloss finish, premium figured maple top, swamp ash body, flamed maple neck) Final price depends on individual specs and woods starting 6950,- euro incl. Case

10 features that make a difference:

1. Frets

All frets are levelled by hand and each fret is crowned and rounded with a three corner file, the old school way. A method that also secures and protects the perfectly levelled fret tops. The frets have an ultra thin line where the strings touch the frets. Although this job will take longer to work on, you don’t want to rush on one of the most important parts of your guitar. The result is rewarding: superb play comfort, more sustain, clarity and better overall intonation.

2. Wood Selection

I look for the most stable and sustainable woods available (within CITES regulations). The woods are personally selected and dried for optimal stability, sustain and resonance. This contributes on the total quality for an instrument that will last more than a lifetime…that’s sustainable.

3. Finishes

All solid body guitars are hand-sprayed, thin well cured nitrocellulose lacquer. This laquer ages as the years go by. For the quilted and flamed maple top guitars a double stain color is added with an ultra thin UV cured finish which is sanded up and buffed, for a mirror like finish. The back of the necks have a coat of oil to seal and protect it, which makes it comfortable to play.

4. Neck Shape

All Nijssen necks are, shaped and sanded by hand for optimal play comfort. It takes a lot of time and effort to get that “worn in feel” in the palm of your hand. The edges of the fretboard are rounded and the shape of the neck is an early 60’s C shape or a slightly fuller 59 shape. I use a fine selection of quartersawn flamed maple or rift sawn maple, perfectly dried for stable performances.

5. Bone nut

The advantage of a nut made out of bone vs a for example plastic is it’s a harder natural material which provides more resonance, tone, sustain and tuning stability. Each bone nut is carefully selected, hand cut and polished.

6. Double-Action Truss Rod

Although all the neck woods are perfectly dried and stable, a double-action truss rod is the only way to ensure the neck stability against climate changes. For the Atlantis and Riptide models, there is a slightly longer than normal size truss rod on a 25.5” scale length, which makes it even more stable. The truss rod channel is filled with a maple sleeve around the rod, which fills the gab and makes it rattle free, adds sustain and stability.

7. Pickups

A big part of a custom guitar are the pickups. All Nijssen Guitars are equipped with custom wound pickups and are matched with the guitar to make every instrument unique. These custom pickups are from several pickup builders/winders, who make excellent remakes of the most sought after vintage pickups. So the goal is to hear your guitar with an open sound with a medium till low output pickups, without coloring the natural sound of the tonewoods in any particular way. Finally CTS potentialmeters are voiced and matched with the pickups.

8. Special electronics

There is something unique and special added to every Nijssen Custom Guitar: The “Clean up filter”. It opens new possibilities in creating sounds and dynamics of your guitar in combination with your volume pot. In cooperation with Lex Bos (known for the Super Drive tube distortion pedal, boost pedal, Cool Drive pedal and the Buddy guitar amp ) we develop and test the best guitar electronics and sounds as possible. This resulted in the Lex Bos version of the “Clean up filter” which is applied exclusively in every Nijssen Custom Guitar.

9. Hardware

Apart from pickups and wood, the hardware contributes also to tone and tuning stability. I use only the best hardware available. From ABM to Gotoh bridges and tuners. For electronics CTS potentialmeters. Different bridge saddles are option (Brass, Steel or Titanium).

10. Setup /playing comfort

As a guitar builder and a guitarist myself, I’ve got all the important experience to give you the best possible setup for the desired string height and sound of your guitar. The past ten years I’ve setup and repaired thousands of guitars (almost every guitar in the book) with a portfolio of more than seven hundred happy frequently visiting clients and collectors. That said; a guitar should, feel, play and sound right when it leaves my shop, it’s got my name on it.