Repairs / Setups

For 2021: At this moment I can’t take new appointments for setup and maintenance services, due the waiting list and my building schedule for new guitars.

If you still got some questions you can send me a message .

Craftsmanship, precision and the feel, are important factors when it comes to maintaining a guitar. As a guitar builder and a guitarist myself, I’ve got the experience and skills to help you with the best possible setup for your guitar.

From hobby- to professional players; a good setup will give you extra playing comfort and musicality and overall enjoyment of your instrument.

Setup including leveling the frets:

  • Frets: leveling
  • Frets: crowning
  • Frets: polishing
  • Neck adjustment (incl. the neck angle - if possible)
  • Bridge adjustment
  • Checking the functionality of all hardware parts
  • Intonation adjustment
  • String height - action adjustment
  • Neck cleaning and oiling the fretboard
  • Cutting the nut slot grooves

Bone nut:

The 2 main points of contact on most guitars are the bridge and nut. Therefore a good bone nut is very important for your sound and for tuning stability. The advantage of a nut made from bone versus a plastic nut is, that a bone nut is made from a harder natural material which provides more resonance, tone, sustain and overall stability.


Replacing worn out frets or a total refret job on a fingerboard is what’s called refretting. This service includes adjustments and fret leveling according setup specs: old worn frets are being carefully removed and the neck prepared and provided with new frets.
I offer different fret heights / widths from Jescar fretwire according to your choice. The work on a Maple fingerboard or bounded fingerboard takes more time than on an unbound Rosewood fingerboard.

Nijssen Guitars is also a Taylor Factory Authorized Service Technician